Des superstitions amusantes auxquelles certains joueurs de poker croient encore

Poker requires a specific set of skills, but luck is also an essential factor in the short run. Primarily due to this fact, superstition has become deeply connected with poker games—many gamblers believe that certain behaviors can bring them good fortune or protect them from bad luck while playing. Whether you find these beliefs convincing, indulging in poker superstitions grants players control over random events and increases their likelihood of success.


Even the most experienced gamblers have irrational beliefs that they follow, and if you are new to gambling, it’s essential to be aware of them so you don’t develop any bad habits. 

To help you stay informed in the poker scene, here is a list of some superstitions that professional players readily admit to believing in. This way, when entering casinos or making your bets online, you can keep these things in mind and make sure not to fall into traps!

Not Using Fifties During the Game

Many Texas Holdem players seek to gain money, yet sometimes, when they’re ready to convert their chips into cash, they prefer a $20 bill rather than receiving 25 fifty-dollar bills. For example, after an evening at the game table with a total win of $1,250, most players opt for two twenties and one ten instead. Interestingly enough, a superstition exists around the notion that having fifty-dollar notes can bring bad luck. However, theories are still speculating why this might be so.

The name of the $50 bill is believed to have originated from one of two theories. Many suggest that it was due to former U.S. Civil War generals and President Ulysses Grant’s ineptitude in managing economic affairs. In contrast, others claim Vegas mobsters would bury their victims with a fifty-dollar note tucked away in their pocket. 

On the other hand, some believe gamblers during the 1950s may have accidentally mistaken twenty-dollar notes for fifty-dollar notes due to their striking similarity. After all, no gambler wants to make an unfortunate mistake when dealing with money!


Always Wearing the Same Clothes

While it is uncertain if players prefer the same clothing due to superstitions or fashion, several of the best poker pros are distinguishable for their consistent styling choices. Don’t allow this mystery to stop you from having some fun with guessing. Though, if you notice a pro wearing the same shirt he wore when winning a significant tournament years ago, you can assume that his attempt is quite likely in trying to recreate that successful experience and win big once more!

This notion of bad luck can sometimes become an excessive ritual for some players, who genuinely believe that wearing dirty clothes will magically eliminate misfortune from their lives. There are stories about professional athletes never washing a shirt after winning a significant career tournament. Though it’s hard to tell without being physically present at the table, you may be able to detect this superstition by gauging other players’ reactions when someone inevitably breaks out in soiled apparel.

Dealers and Players Deemed “Unlucky”

For some, enduring a loss is unimaginable; thus, they strive to find an explanation – often attributing it to bad luck brought by the dealer or another player. If you’ve played a game against others for any period of time, you may have heard grievances about specific dealers when they arrive at their shift. Even before cards are shuffled and dealt out, many players feel trepidation amongst those seated around them. This apprehension can escalate into verbal denunciations if the dealer has recently lost several streaks.

While this could also happen with gamblers, it’s usually different to the same extent. For example, dealers rotate positions and shuffle cards at each table, typically once every hour. However, a player might be stuck playing for hours on end under a dealer who has seen them lose too many times. This results in superstitious players lashing out against certain specific dealers after extensive losses over time.


« Good Luck » is Not Actually Good

If you’re an avid poker game player, chances are you’ve heard somebody wish you « good luck » right before your pocket Aces or Kings get beat. It can be tough to take when that happens, especially as a short stack and after finding the perfect hand for an all-in. And who could blame players for believing in this superstition after it’s happened more than once? Unless someone is unfailingly lucky at tournaments, getting eliminated early isn’t fun—not even with some good wishes beforehand.

Eating the Same Food During Tournaments

If you made it through day two of your first WSOP event after a spontaneous McDonald’s breakfast, then the ritual is set: McD’s every time before a tournament! In years past, poker table players would puff on cigars to bring them luck at the table – but with cigar and cigarette bans in many casinos now, superstitious players have had to resort to other means for a bit of good fortune. That often comes from what they find available at the buffet tables.

Wrapping Up

Video poker players rely on good luck charms, rituals, and customs to help them succeed at the table. If you want to give yourself an edge in your games, why not take advantage of some age-old superstitions? Lucky clothes or particular foods could be what it takes to propel you toward victory! Join GG Poker today and discover if old-school superstition can make a difference in your game. Sign up now!

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